Musical Names

I am officially obsessed with musical names.  Seriously, I’m discovering these names all the time.  I don’t mean names like Johann, Wolfgang, and Ludvig.  I’m a violinist so I guess that’s why I’m so into musical names.  Symphony is near the top of my girl’s list.  Symphony Rose- one of my favorite combos.  Symphony is so beautiful in my opinion.  Roses are beautiful too, so it’s the perfect combination.

Allegra- This name is a tempo in music that is fast, and means “lively, cheerful.”  I also think this is a really beautiful name and I would put it with Giselle.  Allegra Giselle.  Perfectly elegant.

Aria- This isn’t one of my favorites, but I still like in terms of musical names.  Aria Electra.

Lyra- Again, this isn’t one of my favorites.  It is from the constellation shaped after Orpheus’s lyre.  Lyra Morgan.

Viola- After the instrument, though I’m personally not a fan of violas.  I guess that’s just a violinist’s bias.  Viola Lavender, purple theme! 🙂

Jubal- I don’t like this at all for a first name but I love it for a middle name.  Jubal was the first musician in Genesis.  Richard Jubal.

Melody- Pretty basic, I know, so it’s not one of my favorites.  I like the nickname Mel.  Melody Annelise.

I seem to like more musical girl’s names than boys.  Anyway, pressed for time, I’ll leave off here and post more later. 🙂